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Ashley, hot bisexual Atlanta escort girl, stripper & dancer !

Ashley hot bisexual girl available as female escort in Atlanta Georgia Ashley sexy Atlanta escort girl also available as stripper dancer and accommodating female bisexual female from Georgia

Ashley, hot bi-sexual Atlanta escort girl & stripper/dancer
Location : Atlanta, Georgia, United States
I am available as an : Accommodating Female, BiSexual Escort, Stripper / Dancer
:: Ashley’s Personal Information
I’m a : Bi-Sexual Female
My age : 27
Height : 5’3
Weight : 120 lbs.
Body Type : Slim/Slender
Ethnicity : Caucasian
Eye Color : Blue
Hair Color : Blonde
I Also Speak :
:: More About Ashley
HI GUYS,MY NAME IS ASHLEY, I am available any time…If you are a classy, discreet & generous guy give me a call
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The Girl Friend Experience

Quite often there comes a time in your life when you need a friend. You may be lonely or live by yourself and you need to be with someone.
Perhaps you are living in a relationship that has gone terribly wrong and you are beginning to feel like a true outsider.

As I started to write this I wondered why I was writing this because I know of many men who are lonely. They don’t have the chance to experience the touchy feely kind of relationship that many would love to have. They do not get the chance to experience touching at all.

In fact just having someone touch you as a person, a real human being, someone who is female, can keep a guy going for another week or two. Many men who come to see me or who visit other escorts need something that they cannot get from home due to work stresses or a relationship that is not good, possibly they are single or have gone through a nasty divorce. There are many reasons including needed something a little different to what they maybe getting at home.

Touching and talking is very important in all relationships and I have found over the years that the majority of guys who come to see me want something akin to a relationship; they want a girl friend experience without commitment.

Ok so a lot of guys could if they wanted to go out and pick up a girl at the local bar or night club and enjoy a one night stand but for some that is totally impossible.

A lot of guys prefer to have their girl friend experience in private and want it to be very discrete in a place that is cosy, comfortable and where they can chat like they have known me for a long time. I become their friend, their confidant…

At this point I’d like to refer to a guy who has been seeing me as an escort since I began working in the adult industry in 1998. I won’t reveal his name because I never disclose the real names of the guys who come to see me. However I will call this guy John. John is now in his early 60’s. You might think he is old but I’d say he is mature and very active, physically and sexually.

He plays a lot of golf, dines out frequently and I can vouch for that because we have dined together. We have been out to lunch on numerous occasions because he wants to have and enjoy some female company.

John has children but they have their own lives to lead and he doesn’t expect them to drop everything for him. He loves his privacy and is now a widow and so is very lonely. John has never thought of finding another woman to replace his wife but he still enjoys female companionship and friendship and I offered that to him without any ties. No commitment…

When it comes to the girl friend experience, touching and talking are all part of the process which helps a lot of men exist… Men need someone to talk to about private issues that they cannot share with anyone else. There are some things that can’t be spoken to with their mates and a lot of guys who are going through a cold relationship at home or who are single have no one that they can find to talk to that isn’t close to the family and friend cycle.

Touching, holding, a sensual massage, are all things that men can feel and remember until they come to visit again.

Girl Friend Experience – GFE means, companionship, friendship, someone to talk to because they have no one else to confide in and in some cases they trust more than they would their other friends. I see many men and women who need someone like me on a regular basis…

to be continued…